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Employees of the Month

March 2018

Karen Hubele

Hannah Varner

February 2018

Kristen Miller

Haeley Dorman

January 2018

Chelsie Flinn, Paraeducator

Kendra Kimes, Houseparent

December 2017

Crystal Chapel, Paraeducator

Sheena Barnes, Residential Aide

November 2017

Shawna Bradshaw, Special Education Teacher

Sheena Barnes, Residential Aide

October 2017

Leigh Dobbins, Special Education Teacher

Karl Studt, Substitute Teacher & Aide

September 2017

Sara McMartin, Paraeducator

Haeley Dorman

August 2017

Melissa Racay, Paraeducator

Amber Meier, Houseparent

July 2017
Tony Larson, Maintenance & Transportation Supervisor

Amber Meier, Residential Houseparent

June  2017

Dawn Davis, Nurse Supervisor

Haeley Dorman, Substitute Aide

May 2017

Sara McMartin---Paraeducator

Tamy Brazell---Houseparent

April 2017

Melissa Racay---Paraeducator

Kayla Gano---Residential Aide

​​​​Carolyn Conner, Administrative Director
 307-864-2171 ext. 15

Kristen Miller, Business Manager
 307-864-2171 ext. 13

Sally Hanson, Administrative Assistant
 307- 864-2171

Tony Larson, Facilities & Transportation Supervisor  

307-864-2171 ext. 17

Dawn Davis, School Nurse

307-864-2171 ext.14

Matt Ivie, Residential Supervisor


Dr. K. Faulkner Psychologist  
Shawna Bradshaw Classroom Teacher  
Leigh Anna Dobbins Classroom Teacher  
Brian Hopkinson PE & Health Teacher

Cottage A
Cottage B  



​​Average Years of Service 8/1/2017

Staff Average Length of Employment =9.02 Years of Service

​​​​​Staff Recognitions:

​2016-2017---Employees & Rookie of the Year

School Employee of the Year: Shawna Bradshaw

Residential Employee of the year:  Omar Bridges

Rookie of the Year:

Brian Hopkinson 

2015-2016---  Employees & Rookie of the Year

School Employee of the Year:  Leigh Dobbins

Residential Employee of the Year:  Kristi Gordon

Rookie of the Year:  Kali Nuttall

Years of Service:

February 2018

Kevin Trent, MANDT Instructor & substitute aide

5 Years of Service

Janaury 2018

Karl Studt, Subsitute Teacher

10 Years of Service

Shirley Eskelson, Houseparent

10 Years of Service

December 2017

Debbie Coleman, Houseparent

15 Years of Service

November 2017

Cindy Mecca, Substitute Teacher

10 Years of Service

Karen Hubele, Paraeducator & Substitute Teacher

10 Years of Service

June 2017
Sophie Starkey, Houseparent

15 Years of Service

May 2017
Matt Ivie, Residential Supervisor

10 Years of Service

April 2017
Rebecca Moore, Residential Aide

10 Years of Service

January 2017
Julie Music, Residential Aide,

10 Years of Service

December 2016
Tamy Brazell, Houseparent

5 Years of Service

October 2016
Travis Dobbins, Aide & Janitor

5 Years of Service

September 2016 
Omar Bridges 5 Years of Service

August 2016 WASEA Director of the Year:  Carolyn Conner


PTSB certified/professional staff:special and regular education teachers; APE/health teacher, behavior specialist, school nurse, school social worker, business manager, residential supervisor, and administrative director. 

Licensed staff/consultants: Psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, licensed practical nurse, psychiatric nurse practitioner & pharmacist. 

High Staff to Student Ratio

All staff are certified in MANDT (non-violent crisis intervention method), First Aide & CPR. 

Continued staff training is mandatory. 
Professional Learning Communities (PLC) meetings weekly

Staff use systematic and cooperative communication methods to work with families, school districts, DFS personnel, MDT teams, and IEP teams. 

The educated, caring, & dedicated staff are committed to providing the highest quality programs in an atmosphere that promotes healing and growth.

Our Staff