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NW BOCES Educational and Treatment Facility   Learn & Grow

Education & Outcome Data 

Academic Data 2014 to  2017

Reading  &   Math

The initial need is to provide a safe and trusting environment for the child which will help them learn to self-regulate, increase their attention, reduce impulsivity and reorganize their patterns of reacting.  Relationship related problems are worked on using the NW BOCES staff and psychologist.  Each student has an individualized service plan developed by their IEP team.  As youth begin to feel  comfortable and safe in the safe and stable environment they begin to develop social skills, learn impulse control, make academic improvements, and integrate to a home and school community.

Since 1998 of the youth who have completed the program at NW BOCES 83% of those youth have not had to re-enter any residential facility.

Written communication helps keep families and placement agencies informed.  Reports include:  weekly psychological reports; quarterly report cards, and IEP reports, monthly staffing; monthly treatment plan and discharge plan updates; annual Woodcock Johnson Academic Assessment Achievement; twice a year NWEA (MAP) testing; and STAR Math and STAR Reading quarterly assessments.

Achievement Goal:  Annually students will improve their Northwest Evalaution Association/MAP scores equal to or greater than the average HSCSD#1 district rates of improvement.

Data indicates students are making progress in academic areas while they are in the NW BOCES Treatment Program.  Of the students in the program September 2015 only six of those students were in the program in May 2016.  Though a small sample, NWEA (MAP) assessment data indicates in reading 66% of the students made equal to or greater growth than their peer group norm.  In the area of mathematics, 50% of the students made growth equal to or greater than their peer group norm.

Behavioral Goal:  At least 80% of the youth who complete the treatment program will successfully integrate in the home community and have no further residential placements.