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Our School & Treatment Program

  1. Certified Teachers

  2. Level System

  3. Positive Reinforcement

  4. token economy

  5. IEP

  6. Day & Residential programs

NW BOCES opened in 1970 to serve the needs of 18 member districts.  Over the years, the program changed to meet the needs of those districts and youth in Wyoming. Currently the program serves youth in grades K-8 with severe emotional/behavioral  issues which require  a treatment program.

NW BOCES is a fee for service program with placement by School Districts or Department of Family Services  (CHINS).  Working together to serve the needs of youth and their families for 45+ years.

250 E. Arapahoe St., P.O. Box 112 

Thermopolis WY 82443



The 18 member board is comprised of elected school board members who are appointed to the NW BOCES board by their local school district boards.

Member District & Board Representatives Include:

Big Horn #1

Big Horn #2 (Keith McIntosh)

Big Horn #3

Big Horn #4 (Greg Gloy)

Converse #1 ( Jennifer Rinn )

Fremont #1

Fremont #6 (Kristen Benson)

Fremont #14 (Rich Singer)

Fremont #21 (Carla Mann/David Snyder)

Fremont #24 (Dain Medow)

Fremont #25 (Lynette Jeffres)

Fremont #38

Hot Springs #1 (Nichole Weyer)

Park #1 (Trace Paul)

Park #6 (Jenni Rosencranse)

Park #16 (Nicole Blake)

Washakie #1 (David Tommerup)

Washakie #2 (Terril Mills & alternate Jane Thurston )